The unintended Green bonus

Biodiesel is an amazing product these days. Waste oil is refined into diesel and sold in practically every part of the U.S. and Canada if you know where to look.  Even though I started into diesels by repowering a big Wellcraft Scarab in 2004 and fitting the boat with biodiesel compatible equipment, it is in the manufacture of vehicles that real green cred takes place.  Everyone wants a cleaner world, no question thse days, whether you buy into global warming or not we all want a great place to leave to our kids.


The new vehicle is the enemy of the earth.  I am a hot rod kit car guy at heart and we rodders have technically been green since day one...we reuse old parts and rebuild them into something useful and new.  If more people rebuilt car rather than buying a new one every 6 years or so we would have quite an impact on the planet.


What we needed was a reason to rebuild these older cars. Enter Smyth Performance and our truck conversion kits.  By giving the world a reason to re do and transformolder cars we are hopefully slowing in a small way the industrial damage that the auto industry inflicts on the world.  Don't get me wrong, every now and then a new vehicle is necesary in this fast paced life we live, but even using a car a little longer has drastic effects to the positive for the world around us.