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VW Jetta and Golf

1999.5 - 2010 

smyth red ute
smyth silver mk5
smyth blue rear mk4
smyth u.k. 4 motion
smyth rear gold
smyth red rear mk4
smythy purple gti look
smyth grey no pillar window
smyth interior carpet
smyth  golf front tan
mk5 Jetta 2005-2010
mk5 front
mk5 rear side window and trim
smyth matt front quarter
smyth das ute
Smooth good looks
Smooth functional steel tailgate
Fiberglass rear quarter panel
smyth final tail lights.jpg

The all-Time best-selling Smyth kit

Unlike the usual complicated kit car build, the Jetta/Golf 4 door based Smyth ute is finished in a few weekends instead of a few years. Even amateurs should be able to take their time and nail it in a month. Whether you go all out with air bagged suspension and great paint, or simply wrap the Ute for daily use, Smyth truck kit conversions can work hard or win shows.


Cutting the car after the trunk, rear doors and seats are removed consists of making three cuts.  The first cut is straight across the roof and the other two are just behind the rear doors to the trunk.  No welding is required. From there you bolt on the structural aluminum reinforcement panels and assemble the bed.


Even the wiring is not changed, no moving fuel tanks, no moving suspensions, no messing with the engine or are simply bolting on a new structural rear box section on top of the already sturdy VW floorpan.  Prime, paint or wrap the truck and you are the proud builder of one of the most unique vehicles on the road.  Fuel stops become conversations about your 45 mpg diesel small truck, or your VR6 turbo custom mill, or your 300 horse 1.8T Ute.  People don't ask me much when I fill up my Jettas, but they can't get enough of the story about the only modern small truck in the country, the Smyth Ute.



As Seen On the History Channel TV Show "Lost in Transmission"
Click the "Watch Now!" button below to see Top Gear's Rutledge Wood build a Smyth truck on "Lost in Transmission." The segments start at 20:52,   27:05, and 31:35.
vw caddy conversion tdi mini truck
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