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Frequently asked Questions

What year and model cars can I use for the conversion?


VW:  1999.5 to 2004 4 door mk4 VW Jetta or Golf, 2005-2010 4 door VW mk5 Jetta sedan, 98 to 2010 VW Beetle.    In Canada and other countries the mk4 platform was sold into 2007.  Wagons, sedans and hatchbacks are aok with the mk4.  No two Door cars. We are launching a 2005+ Dodge Charger Ute kit in the late fall of 2016.

Audi: 2003-2008 A4/S4 the B6  and B7 platforms 4 door sedan only for now.  Wagons may work but have not physically made one yet.


Charger: 2005-2020 model 

Subaru Impreza: 2002 to 2007 Impreza and WRX sedan. Make sure it has the wide fender flares bugeye blob eye and hawk eye models


Do you ship to Canada and overseas?

Canada shipping is about the same as the U.S.  Shipping to most countries such as The U.K. or Australia is quite similar in cost around 6750.00 USD. All duties and VAT fees are the responsibility of the customer upon delivery.



Can I finance the purchase of a Smyth kit?


Yes. check out with affirm. 0% APR available

Affirm Financing Disclosure:

Your rate will be 0% APR or 10-36% APR based on credit, and is subject to an eligibility check. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required.


Do you build finished cars that I can buy?


yes, occasionally. We manufacture and sell kits primarily. If you would like a finished car we do have shops around the world that buy kits from us and then convert cars for customers.



What are the dimensions of the aluminum bed?

VW Jetta mk4: The bed is 68.5" long to the closed tailgate and 48.5" wide, the wheel wells are 36" wide at the narrowest point.


VW Jetta mk5: 70" on the floor same 36" wide between inner wheel wells



VW Beetle:

Subaru Impreza:


Can I use a sunroof car?


Yes.  The sunroof will not slide anymore but you can have it tilt.



When you cut a car, how do you reinforce it?


The Smyth truck was the result of over two years of engineering work to brace the rear of the car for heavy truck use.  When you are done bolting and riveting all the panels the resulting truck is stronger than the original car. See the "engineering " tab at the top of the page for more details.



What does the finished Smyth truck weigh compared to the original car?


You save from 150 to 200 lbs depending on the model.



Are rivets and bolts strong enough...why not weld?


We assemble the ute kit with basic race car/airplane tech with many structural rivets and bolts. It is nearly impossible to weld aluminum to steel and ease of assembly counts.  After many thousands of miles in heavy duty use such as the Smyth shop truck that tows a 2000 lb trailer and is routinely over loaded, it is still solid as a rock. Bonding in this design is relegated to water sealing not structure.



What is the finish of the fiberglass outer panels?


The fiberglass is a black gel coat finish that requires sanding and painting or vinyl wrap.  Black gel coat is used to make it easier for the fiberglass molder to see small air bubbles in the laminate and is the secret to a void free part.



How much of the donor car do you keep?


You remove half the roof and the top of the rear quarter panels.  All structural members remain from the front of the car all the way back to the rear bumper.



What engine models will work?

Since we only modify the upper rear section of the car any engine that came in the car can be used.



What happens when I go to register the car?


You are starting with a registered car.  The door sticker and the VIN numbers are all still in place as is all of the pollution equipment for that original car.  In some states you may have the option of registering the finished truck as a kit car but almost everyone keeps the car's original vin.  Customizing the look of a car is legal in all 50 states.



How is the kit delivered?


The box weighs 460 lbs. and is a crate about 8 feet x 3 feet x 2 feet high.  It is delivered to the closest freight terminal to your home.  If you have a business with a fork truck or loading dock you may have it sent straight to that location.  The rear window and the steel tailgate are delivered directly to your home or business with UPS or fedex ground separately in special packaging to prevent damage.



How many hours does it take to build?


Most people with basic skills can get the truck done in about 20-40 hours without paint.  It was designed as a project for a few weekends not a few years.



What is the interior like after the conversion?


The headliner ends right at the rear window surround.  The rear wall is covered in black carpet.  The rest of the interior including the pillar area is stock.



Can I keep the spare tire in the spare well?


The 3 aluminum center floor plates are removable to allow access to the spare tire.



How much weight can I carry in the bed?


About 700 pounds.



Does the handling remain the same?


For example: The new weight distribution on the VW approximates that of a 1.8T GTI Golf for the VW kit, the Audi and Charger handle similar to a base no option car.   



How is the Smyth ute in the snow?


Front wheel drive cars are great in the snow and so is the Smyth VW Ute. The Audi usually was sold with AWD. The charger you run snows.



Can I use a tow hitch with my Ute?



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