The Smyth 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee Truck kit

Our new Jeep Grand Cherokee truck conversion kit is here.  The first production panels are out of the mold and in production.


In the usual Smyth tradition we are strengthening the uni-frame Jeep to make it incredibly strong after cutting. Structurally we will add the huge b-pillar reinforcement plate as well as a subfloor bracing system connecting the bed floor to the front bed wall.  The bedsides as on all Smyth kits are 1/8" Aluminum plate and connect the wheel well and spring perch areas to the b-pillar plate for astounding strength.


The rear tail lights are sliced and modified with included computer cut parts. The tailgate is fully operational and is the same used on the Charger ute kit and is a full 54" wide.  The third brake light is from a Chevy Colorado as is the rear window. The small quarter window is included but you don't need to install it as the rear section looks good with or without the little window.

The bed is about 5.5' long and 5' wide.   


The WJ platform was chosen over other Jeep models because it is the last of the live axle Grand Cherokees. The comfort, ride and off road capability when combined with the Straight 6 4.0 and the 4.7 V8 availability, made it one of my favorites.  Watch out for rust of course, with prices so low in the used car market there is no reason to buy a beater.  Plus,  with over a million on the road you have your pick.

The aftermarket is simply huge and I am excited to see what die hard Jeep people do with the project. Since gladiators are running over 50 grand these days, we feel this is a great way to rock a Jeep Truck. 

And remember, like all Smyth kits most of what you need to finish you project is in the crate: Aluminum truck bed sides and front wall, inner fenders, floor panels, unibody reinforcements, steel tailgate with all hardware, windows, stainless get the is all there.

Mark Smith

Shot of all the 1/8" aluminum that gets formed to make a Jeep Grand Cherokee into a Smyth truck