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Subaru Impreza WRX 



The Subaru WRX/Impreza is finally a Smyth kit. We put more R&D time into this kit than any other we have done before to make sure it is strong enough for the off road warriors and racers that have made this car a favorite.


Shown here are several stock and lifted WRX street and rallycross Smyth utes. Compared to our other kits, the Subie has rear struts which combine the spring perch and the shock in one unit and puts the load up high.  To ensure great performance and structural rigidity with this strut layout we added a huge outer brace to an already beefy aluminum bed structure.

Of all of our kits, this one was one of the most anticipated and closely watched on Facebook and Instagram during development. Currently the kit is only designed for the sedan body style from 02 to 07. The bug eye, blob eye and hawkeye models all work. The wagon can work but the shape of the front fenders won't match the sedan rears.

Subaru WRX performance sedans are a cult classic because of the huge aftermarket of performance parts and the amazingly simple design of the car. A great formula that is easy to work on, simple to modify, inexpensive to buy, coupled with a great Ute build experience. 

The unedited full build video has been available exclusively to builders and the edited version will be done soon.  

About this particular build:  Mike's car beolw started as a standard WRX and was converted to rallycross duty with an STi drivetrain running 300+hp. The car is geared to run larger diameter wheel/tire combos with a higher final drive. The lift is achieved by using stock Forester suspension parts while keeping the hi-po brakes from the  WRX/sti.  The light bar and the wide black flares are not included in the Smyth kit.

subaru car truck conversion kit
subaru wrx ute
Or keep it stock....
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