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Beetle Render

Smyth New Beetle Stepside truck kit

new beetle ute kit, beetle truck onversion

A Smyth New Beetle is the project car that everyone can enjoy

Let's face it, as project car builders our cars are not usually the kind of vehicles that you just toss the keys to people. If you build a Cobra or restore an old muscle car it is an awesome ride for sure, but man do you worry if you let someone drive.

After talking to the first several hundred Smyth Beetle truck kit customers, one aspect of the New Beetle truck kit build became clear.... You can share your skills and love of car building as you put the Ute together, and then relax as you watch others safely drive and take part in the real world of custom car fun as they get to drive this special car-truck.

This time, we are building with friends and family while showing them how fun it is to make and use something special. I can't think of anything better as a real car guy.

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