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Audi A4/S4

(B6 + B7 03-08)

audi s4 car truck conversion kit

Our Wildest Design to Date

The Audi A4/S4 is here. We decided to do a more dramatic and polarizing design for this fabulous AWD luxury sport truck. Early response has been amazing. Full production kits are shipping now.


This kit is designed for the 2002-2008 Audi B6 and B7 versions of the A4/S4 cars. The quattro all wheel drive system makes this an incredible choice for a truck conversion even though you will see some FWD models...look for the quattro cars since they are just as inexpensive as the FWD A4s.  Engine choices are turbo 1.8 and 2.0 mills with the A4 while the S4 version has the 4.2 liter 340 hp flat crank V8. The availability of a 6 speed manual transmission and all wheel drive makes this one of the most fun car-trucks in our line up.

As for our Ute conversion for the Audi we decided early on to give it a look of its own so we are using modified tail lights and a drastically altered tail gate to go with the modern look.  The entire gate is tilted forward about 8 degrees for a very unique stance that stops traffic. No one has ever seen anything like this before.

These cars may be the best donor cars ever for the Smyth project since they had several huge problems that keeps resale low and yet are easy to fix for those of us that are handy.  Can you imagine the poor souls that paid 50 grand for a new Audi S4 and having water occasionally flood the front or rear floors of the car after a few years of normal use.  Yes, the drains under the battery tray and the sunroof clog and then flood the floors in a rain or a car wash just about when the factory warranty is up.. Oh yeah, did I mention that the floor is where Audi put the electronics convenience group control relays. But wait there is more. The Super high line S4 has an overhead cam 5 valve per cyllinder V8 that puts out 340 hp and sounds absolutely glorious.  An amazing engine and it was delivered with the manual 6 speed transmission too...pure joy.  Now the fact that car guys like us can fix it is not lost on us, but for the retail buyers of these cars it was a disaster.  Really really good for us though. 


These cars are an all time bargain.  The A4 with the standard 1.8T and 2.0T engines are super reliable and still came with the amazing quattro AWD. Clean the silly drains. Replace the comfort module if you have to (beware it is a 600 buck part so best hit ebay).The result for us is a less than 5000 dollar AWD powerful and reliable Smyth ute conversion donor car that makes an absolutely amazing high end UTE. Pretty much the perfect Smyth truck...tough AWD base with a few classic German issues that keeps prices low.

Mark Smith

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