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Smyth car-truck kit contents

There is nothing like the feeling of building your own car. As the founder of Factory Five Racing, Mark Smith has been designing race cars and kit cars for 25 years. Smyth kits use this race bred engineering to turn your car into a terrific "ute" or sport truck.  


We love car based trucks here at Smyth Performance and believe that Smyth truck projects are a great way to enjoy the astounding performance and styling of cars with the utility and unique looks of a ute.


Smyth all aluminum bolt together bed panels provide a structural rust free base for an easy light duty hot rod pick up build of your VW, Subaru, Audi Jeep or Charger.

Easy to Build

Weeks, not years

Engineered to be stronger than the base car, Smyth ute kits are a combination of bolt together aluminum plate panels, riveted subsections and fiberglass gel coated outer body parts.  Cutting the cars in two places after removing the doors and trunk makes for an exciting and fast moving project that does not have to take up your garage for more than a few weeks. And most important is the fact that you can enjoy them every day.

Jetta car based truck kit
audi car based truck kit

Modern Safety and Comfort

We are all accustomed to air bags and modern crash protection in our daily drivers.  Hot rods ,kit cars, and old classics, as cool as they are, sacrifice safety for the wild style.  With a Smyth truck almost every aspect of the original cars' safety features are retained, something that allows you to let everyone enjoy and drive the finished Smyth ute without worry or special instructions.

Rutledge wood and Mark Smith car based truck

TV's ultimate car guy Rutledge Wood with Mark Smith and his son William. Rut and Randy from Kenwood Rod Shop built their Smyth Ute on his television show "Lost In Transmission"

Smyth Performance, Inc. 43 Eagleville Road, Tiverton RI 02878     508-801-5871

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Smyth Performance, Inc. is not connected to the Jeep, Volkswagen, Audi, Subaru or Dodge brands in any way.  We make products that fit these carsand we are fans of each.  If you would like to buy a VW, Jeep, Audi, Subaru or Dodge please see your local authorized dealer for more information.

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