Utes for Sale...update September 21, 2021

My beautiful Beetle turbo "S" is currently surfing in Charleston with my son Will and on its way back to Tiverton, RI for cutting(Will gets his orange Beetle turbo sport for the return trip since the A/C now works). As much as I enjoy driving his orange surf mobile with pretty much every sticker from every surf shop on the east coast...I am ready to swap.


The Silver 2009 Hemi Charger police package donor will join the silver "s" on the chopping block in November as well.

My personal 2000 VR6 Turbo Jetta is already cut and being assembled for sale in December as well.

In order to buy one of my builds, I first suggest calling me to review the details of the particular donor. If you wish to have me build the car into a ute you can pay for the kit and donor to make it yours. The build itself can be to any level you wish depending on your budget.  when I cut the car the other half is due. Mark's number is 508-801-5871




1. Hemi Charger Police car 2009 171,000 miles to be converted in November '21 Available(about 16k)

2. Beetle Turbo S silver 12x,xxx miles Available(about 16k)

3. Jetta VR6 Turbo unpainted and already cut and partially assembled. Available(about 10k)

Call Mark at 508-801-5871 to talk about any of his personal car builds