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For anyone thinking of a side hustle building our most popular and profitable you go.


Basic 3 kit package(all Beetle kits) is one big crate sent to one address for 9 grand. If you wish to mix and match kit types we will invoice you $330 for each Jetta/Charger/Jeep kit that you mix into the 3. Outside of the U.S. we can only ship Beetle kits in the Bundle.




Sample Order: 1 Beetle kit with 2 Charger kits as a Bundle:


1. Check out with the basic package for 9 grand. Note the mix of 2 chargers in the notes area of the order. 2.Invoice sent to you via email for added 660 usd. total spent $9660.00


Over $1000 savings per kit.


Also remember that you may be able to use Affirm with 0% financing for 24 months.

3 Kit Builder Bundle

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