Smyth cars are built up from solid VW mark 4 platforms that have proven reliable, safe and fast.  They work every day because the parts under the skin are engineeered to work together with billions of dollars of engineering behind them.  We use this platform and repackage it, making amazing automobiles that are just not availableunless you build them yourself.


Most kit cars are full of the compromises that a limited development budget brings...not so with the performance and safety of a Smyth conversion.  From factory A/C that blows ice cold to air bags and soft dash materials, Smyth cars use all that is good about the modern auto while converting it into something special.  From screaming 400hp VR6 turbo engines to 200hp 60 mpg TDI powerplants, Smyth vehicles deliver on the promise of speed, safety and style.



Mid engine  Performance