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The Smyth slotted wall tray

Born from a quest for efficiency in our factory production environment, Smyth slotted wall trays hold all your tools that just never stay put.

CNC cut from 1/8" Aluminum,  they are 18" wide and 7" deep for even the oddest size tool.

Aluminum nevers rusts.

Aluminum is softer than sensitive tool surfaces.

4 slots 5/16" wide, 5 slots 1/2" wide and 4 slots 9/16" wide.

7 medium 1/2" holes and 5 smaller 3/8" holes along the rear left.

2 large 3/4" holes along the rear right.

1 hanging tab left and right.

Industrial bare aluminum finish.

$26.99 free shipping U.S. lower 48
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