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Geet Gata Chal Hindi Movie Free Download wilderr




The story and screenplay are by Ramashree and the dialogues are by Yogesh Chadda. Music is by Shankar Jaikishan. This was the first film for both Sandhya Roy and Asha Parekh in their careers. Plot Joshi is a middle-class girl who is brought up in an atmosphere of middle-class respectability in Mumbai. She has a sister-in-law, Usha, who lives with her husband, Pran, and children in the same house. In the middle of the night, they receive news of their father's death. Pran, who had not been very friendly with his father, says that he will take care of the family. But before he can do so, he is killed in a road accident. Joshi is very shaken by this. In a state of shock, she takes to her bed. The next day she takes a trip to the countryside to meet her grandmother, who was well-known in the neighbourhood as a woman who never went to bed without a full night's sleep. And so she is determined to remain awake and keep up with her grandmother, who refuses to fall asleep. One day, she goes to the temple to pray to God and meets a man, Raj, who is deeply in love with her. It turns out that he is a Khatu (an orphan) who goes to the temple to pray for his deceased father's soul. When he hears the name of the girl, he thinks that the heavens have brought him a chance of winning her heart and he gives her the 'Ram Bhog' (a garland of flowers) and leaves. However, when he comes to know that the girl's father has died, he comes to know that the girl is a middle-class girl from Mumbai and returns to his village. He hides behind a tree and sees that he is being followed by one of the wealthiest men in the village. This man, Usha's brother, is a ruthless man and wants to extort money from the girl's father. He kidnaps her and is going to kill her when the village people comes to rescue her. Raj comes to her rescue. Finally, he and Usha's brother fight and Raj stabs Usha's brother. Raj and Usha's brother are friends, and they ask Raj to marry Usha. Later, Raj and Usha's brother fight over money. Usha's brother accuses Raj of trying to kill him and




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Geet Gata Chal Hindi Movie Free Download wilderr

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